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Letter from Glenn Permuy
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Letter from Glenn Permuy




November 15, 2010 Dear Colleague:

As you are aware, there is much going on at BGCA and across the Movement. I know you’ll agree that what has been accomplished in the past 15 years is simply amazing and that the Boys & Girls Club Movement is stronger that ever before. While we face changes and challenges at the national and local level, our collective strength is built on the foundation of great leadership. I have great confidence and respect for those who lead and work in our Clubs today but I believe pride in and for our profession does not get the level of attention that is needed.


You’ve got to be proud to be part of this enterprise which daily reaches thousands of young people through more than 3900 locations across the country and on military installations worldwide. You’ve got to be proud of your local Club and the lives it changes and saves every year. You’ve got to be proud of those staff, board, and volunteers who sacrifice as you do to make your organization and Clubs the best they can be for young people and the community. You’ve got to be proud of your leadership, which attributes to these and many more successes. This pride, this enthusiasm, this leadership by example, results in the highest level of professionalism and ethics, which helps insure service, opportunity, impact, integrity, ethics, and   excellence. That my friend is “our pro f es sio n” , and where you and I come in.


If you are a member of The Professional Association at the national level (not just local chapter) I thank you for leading the way and ask that you afford your key staff an opportunity to be part of this as well. Their engagement will be part of their professional development and strengthen the overall fabric of the movement.


If you are not engaged at the national level, I’m asking you to join me now and to fully engage yourself in “our profession”. You may ask, what do they do and I have highlighted a few points on the attached sheet. You may ask, why now, and I would say that I have been engaged, a believer in and supporter of “our profession”, for over 40 years. My affiliation as a “Boys & Girls Club Professional” is not any different than a doctor’s affiliation with the American Medical Association or lawyers with the American Bar Association. Neither these individuals nor I are seeking awards, recognition, networking opportunities, information, or other benefits. If we receive any of this, it’s a bonus. What we do receive is an opportunity to be part of a great profession, to be proud of it, to bring others (on our staff) in to the fold, to mentor and coach others (in and outside of our own organization) about our work and profession, and in summary “to give back”.


As the Chief Professional Officer of your organization, you have an opportunity to lead and impact those who work with and for you, as well as those in surrounding Club communities. I wouldn’t be writing to you today if I didn’t think this was important and would truly make a short and long term difference in your community and our Movement.


Feel free to call me at 678-641-3769 or e-mail me at if you have any questions. The

$100 annual dues for you and $50 for your staff members is an investment that you, your staff, and your

board should see as professional development. Evidence is in hand that organizations where the CPOs is a member of The Professional Association (nationally) score a minimum of 3.5 points higher of the Standards of Organizational Effectiveness (SOEs) than those who are not.


A call to action:

1.        If you are a member:

a.        Thank You

b.       Enroll your staff (make copies of form attached for each one). Make a professional investment in them. Go to:

c.        Make it a point to personally attend your local Chapter Meetings. Your presence means so much about the importance of such gatherings and allows you a chance to also give back by informally mentoring others. Note: if there is no chapter near by, create one; it only takes 5 dues paying members to form a chapter.

2.       If you have not been a member in the past:

a.        Please consider joining. Re-read my letter if needed, see the tangible benefits below, call me to talk if need be.

b.       If there have been issues in the past that have kept you from being a member, share them with me (e-mail), join and become active in creating change, help start a new day of service and advocacy for “our profession”.

c.        Join online at or fill out the attached application.

d.       Learn more about TPA by visiting the website at


If what you do everyday, doesn’t resonate with professionalism, changing and saving lives, and you are not proud of all you do and all we do collectively, you may select not to join, and that is okay. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for all you do each day directly or indirectly for children.






Glenn D. Permuy

Senior Executive Special Initiatives BGCA, Club Alumnus, Proud Professional

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