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Presidents Update
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Presidents Update

Mary Ann Mahon Huels

 February 20, 2017                                                                  

Dear Fellow Colleagues:

I grew up, like many of you, intrigued by the news of the world, either by radio, newspaper, magazines or by television. We may not have heard the news as it was exactly unfolding but we never had a doubt that what we heard was accurate and fully vetted, with far less sophisticated tools than we have now. And unfortunately, when something bad happened, either close to our immediate Family or in our neighborhood, only then did the impact of the news really hit us with a better understanding of how life can change in an instant.


By all apparent circumstances we have moved into an age of no vetting, Blogs, Twitter and all of the tools that people use to prove their point, no matter how far from the truth their facts are. We hear the terms Fake News, Alternative Facts, Dishonest Media, Real Americans, Lies, and Leaks, all of which mean the opposite now of what we grew up understanding them to mean. And saddest of all, with everyone's ability to take to the airwaves, anyone can engage in a campaign to destroy someone or something with just the stroke of a pen.


Over the past several weeks, as President of your Professional Association, I am saddened, and quite frankly frustrated, by the anonymous communications being circulated across our Movement. As you know these communications are both inaccurate and counterproductive to our mission. I know that Jim Clark and the BGCA staff have consistently asked for feedback and input on these matters. But we need to be very careful in responding so as not to add any credibility to their claims. And in this regard I am honored to have served on the Great Futures 2025 Planning Commission with four of our TPA Board Members. By example over the past two years we have spent hundreds of hours working together with the National Area Council Committee and the President's Advisory Council to establish a strategic and definitive direction for the Boys and Girls Club Movement through 2025 and beyond. All of these efforts, along with others, have resulted in a plan that will have a significant positive impact on our youth all across America.

As all of you know TPA supports the priorities and strategic direction of Great Futures 2025, centered on a mission to provide realistic and attainable Futures for our youth by focusing on creating quality experiences and stronger communities for all of our Families. In this regard to allow a small group of dissenters to dismantle the honest efforts that we have worked hard to attain is just not in the cards. They need to move on and away from our cause and we can help them do so by not giving them any credibility in responding to their concerns. Truth prevails and so too will it with this situation as well if we keep our efforts focused on what is in the best interests of the Movement and not any one of its supporters or dissenters.

Great Futures takes Great People to make it happen and, in this regard, our collective efforts are all that matters. Thank you for helping me to help you and the Children to succeed with our mission.


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